Why Working for Best Buy Sucks!

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Thanks for stopping by. I created this website to educate others who might be thinking of working for Best Buy. If you are a kid, living in your parents home ( or a grown up, living in your parents basement lol) and looking for some pocket cash to go to the mall on the weekends, then Best buy may be for you. However, if you are looking for a job to earn a living, don't even bother. I spent two years working at Best Buy part time to fund an expensive hobby. Luckily, I have a decent full time job that earns a good living. On this page I will describe my thoughts and opinions based on facts in hopes of educating the public of giant corporations exploiting employees for the sake of profit!  Today, I resigned giving my two weeks notice and feel better than ever. I pray to never have to sink to retail ever again and would not wish it on anyone. Working for Best Buy sucks!

I have worked in the IT (Information & Technology) field for most of my adult life, including large hospitals and have multiple certifications. Typically in my field, with my experience I earn $28 to $32 per hour. When I applied for Best Buy (Geek Squad) I was told they do not hire straight into Geek Squad but expressed interest in hiring me in computer sales. After a few interviews, I was hired for a whopping $9.50 an hour. Wow, I was making $10 an hour in the early 90s schlepping in phone rooms! Back then, the average price of gas was $1.13 a gallon, you could get a value meal for under $3 and average rent was $400 a month. Now, gas is spiking at $3.75, a value meal cant be found for less than $6 and average rent in my area is $800 - $1000 yet they still hire people at less than average pay in 1992. Really? Go figure. I found out later in my tenure that $9.50 as actually at the top of the pay scale, likely based on my age and experience and that most blue shirts, many there much longer than me, were making far less.

During my tenure in computers, It was all about numbers! Numbers, sell Geek Squad protection! Sell Tech Support! Sell services, sell sell sell, credit apps, credit apps, credit apps!! Managers would scrutinize your numbers DAILY! And there is no shortage of managers. Its clear to me that Best Buy is a top heavy organization, lots of chiefs and few Indians. Its also evident from my two years that corporate and district folks are complete idiots that have no touch with reality. I applied for Geek Squad a few times sure I would get in with my experience. Instead they would give the job to 20 year olds with NO computer experience! Think about that the next time you want to get your computer fixed by Geek Squad, not that they actually fix anything on site anyways lol.

Most of the time the budgets were set to just above where we could actually reach knocking out any chances of bonus (dangling carrot effect). Then when you did get a bonus, it was like $60. Really? not even a tank of gas. Meanwhile, Best Buy rakes in BILLIONS in profit! In all fairness, in the two years  I worked for Best Buy, I got two decent bonuses. Both were for a little less than $700. This breaks down to about $58 a month. Not a lot in today's economy. I also need to point out that after BOTH of these bonuses were hit, things were quickly changed to all but ensure they would not be hit again lol. As a project I decided to see what other companies paid. I went through the interview process at Verizon and was offered $14.65 an hour plus commission. Also went to Geico, same thing,  $14.80 an hour, full time. I could probably squeak by on that if I had to.

Once I walked into the break room or "The Hub" as they call it,  and found two managers there. One was laughing about an "blue shirt" employee that did not have a car, walked to work yet was able to buy McDonalds food on his dinner break. So, lets see, since they walk to work because Best Buy doesn't pay them enough to actually afford a car they shouldn't eat? Seems logical lol. I ended up calling that slime ball  out on this and was given a meager half hearted apology.

Once at a week long induction, a corporate dimwit sat in the first day because the "trainer" was new. He had the gall to stand up in front of the class and state the reason for the high turnover at Best Buy was for lack of training. I promptly called him out on that and advised him that the true reason for high turnover is that Best Buy is paying 90s wages. Its a fact that most of the people I knew that worked there during my tenure were just there until something better came along. As soon as something better did come along, they were out! And who can blame them! I know for a fact that as I handed in my resignation, four others did as well, all moving on to jobs that pay a fair wage! The corporate dimwit's response to me calling him out was "I'd rather pay to have trained employees, and have them leave for better jobs then have untrained people on the sales floor". Really? Trained for what? Making PROFIT of course. The training courses are not about product knowledge, but instead how to maximize each sale for PROFIT.

I recall my first "annual review" I constantly finished in the top three as far as making them money and for my effort I received a 28 cent raise! On a twenty hour week (my average) that's a whopping $5.60. Don't spend it all in one place lmao!

Now Best Buy has rolled out something they call Renew Blue through their new French pompous windbag CEO Hubert Jolie. One of the 5 points of this latest corporate blunder is to "Attract and grow "transformational leaders" and energize employees to deliver "extraordinary results." lol, really? Does this mean more money for the "blue shirts" that struggle to get by? Of course not. They expect and desire professional sales people yet pay 90s wages.   Yes, Best Buy Sucks

Another one of the five points of this latest blunder is "Increase the company's return on invested capital by growing revenue and efficiency. This includes cutting "unproductive" costs, such as administrative and non-product expenses." Oh of course, lets make the precious share holders richer, while those who do all the work struggle to make ends meet!

The corporate personnel I met during my tenure were complete morons. And there is no shortage of them. I personally think this new Renew Blue effort should be called what it is, Screw Blue! The blue shirts cant make enough to get by on in today's economy yet Best Buy's shareholders continue to get rich. Its ashamed that original founder Richard Schulze was not able to buy back Best Buy and take it private. I understand that when he ran the ship, Best Buy was a good place to work and actually cared about its employees. They did however recently bring him back on board as chairman emeritus with a reported salary of $2.1 MILLION over the next twelve months for "consulting". Now if that isn't a kick to the nuts of every blueshirt I don't know what is.

I also found it humorous that they would have these silly morning meetings were everyone has to stand at the globe (referred to by bluieshirts as "circle jerks")  and listen to the manager rattle off all the numbers, Like anyone making $9 cares about the numbers. These ridiculous 7am Saturday all store meetings where they insult your intelligence with sock puppets with French accents. really? That might have been funny when I was 8 years old. I remember one campaign where they said "Run it like its yours" lol, If it were mine, I would pay myself enough to live on! How can they really expect people that don't make enough to get by on to actually care? They are fooling themselves. As a blue shirt, I was in the midst's of it all and KNOW for a FACT, they don't care! They just want that meager paycheck, nothing else, and will hang in there until the first better offer comes along.

While working under my two weeks notice, the GM (store manager) came back from one of his MANY vacations and for three morning circle jerks in a row, rubbed it in everyone's face how great is vacation was and how he cant wait two weeks for his next one. Really? Does he forget he's talking to underpaid associates that as part timers don't even get vacations? Even if they did, at $9 an hour, they couldn't afford to do anything with it lol.

If Best Buy wants to salvage their sinking ship they need to do just two simple things. Cut the fat, get rid of idiots in corporate, district and territory that soak up fat wages in non income generating positions and provide nothing in return except bad ideas. And two, pay their people who make Best Buy what it is, the blue shirts a decent wage! You want professional sales people,  then PAY for professional sales people! It really is as simply as that. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or a $32 million dollar Frenchmen to see it.

It truly breaks my heart to see good people I worked with struggling week to week. Walking to work, living 5 or 6 people to an apartment or trailer splitting the costs, getting cars repoed and cell phones turned off while busting their humps earning well over $100 a hour notional margin making Best Buy  filthy rich and getting less than $9 an hour. Best Buy should be ashamed! I have literally lost ALL respect for corporate America and for one, will NEVER buy ANYTHING from Best Buy EVER again!


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Best Buy Sucks